Create your own homepage in Tuuli with custom settings and no code

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Create your own homepage in Tuuli with custom settings and no code
Tuuli homepage variants and customizing options

Here are some home pages you can configure from the admin:

  • Home 1  —  default
  • Home 2  —  hero as a right sidebar and grid type posts
  • Home 3  —  wide hero with the image on the right side
  • Home 4  —  wide hero with the image on the left side
  • Home 5  —  wide hero with the image below the content

Tuuli comes with custom settings that let you configure your homepage. Here are some of the options:

  • you can have your hero section on the side (left or right), a wide hero with the image on the side (left, right, or below the content)
  • you can add more than simple text in the hero, you can define a page as a source of content, so you can add links and other editor elements on your homepage
  • you can set the post feed style as grid or list (with and without images)
  • you can enable or disable the featured posts section
  • you can set a background accent to add more style to your homepage, this can be your Ghost accent color or some other predefined colors in the theme
  • you can select which tags to be featured on the homepage

All these and more can be done from your Ghost Admin, no need to change the code or edit the theme files.

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